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3D Roller Face Massager




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With new kneading technology, it relieves sensitivity skin, promotes face lift skin tightening, body shaping, and improves blood circulation, alleviates tension. No Battery Gathers energy by mini solar panel on the main body, releases micro solar currents of when massaging.Massage beads turns 360 degrees, can be easily cleaned.
Application Help to tighten your face, arm, leg,waist, etc. Applicable to the people suffer from fat face, flabby cheeks, edema, muscle sagging, dull skin, butterfly arms,stout legs and so on.
Our mini portable massager is ergonomically designed and highly applicable to any part of the body
Installed solar panel absorbs sunlight and releases micro current, no batteries are needed. Microcurrent restores the electromagnetic field within your body so that the cells are back up to normal function. It has been shown to decrease pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms
Ergonomically Design Unique Y shaped design creates considerable absorption between the rollers and your skin. In addition, little acupoint ball on the end of the handle can effectively stimulate the acupuncture points to help relax. Kneading massage the skin and lymphatic system by the roll ball. can be used to massage any part of the body.Promotes blood circulation, eliminate excess fat, eliminate edema, help you get smooth firming resilient skin.

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Solar Powered

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