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Easy Tire Repair It is a puncture repair kit for tubeless tyre,it will let you repair the puncture quickly and effectively.
Made of high strength steel, it combines strength and flexibility and is resistant to rust.
T shape cylinderical handle.It is easy to grasp during maintenance and saves effort.
Rasper tool for hole widening and cleaning. Needle tool for tyre rubber strip insertion.It is essential for vehicles with tubeless tyres.
Various Applications Universal/continental fit for all tubeless tires For use with all street vehicles and off road vehicles Car, pickup truck, semi truck, ATV, motorcycle, lawn mower, bicycle, and more
4 in 1 Universal Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair Kit Puncher Patch Tools T Handle Grips 3 Repair String Plugs Rubber Solution Emergency Flat Tyre Repair Tool Kit includes everything you need to patch a puncture in your tire so you can get out of your roadside emergency fixing a tire puncture in your motorcycles, bike, car, ATVs, Lawn Mowers, Trucks, and Jeeps. nbsp Complete kit
This puncture repair kit comes in a very comprehensive pack that includes a reamer, a needle, 3 repair strips amp Rubber Glue. While the reamer helps to clean and expand the punctured hole, the needle inserts the repair strips that seal the punctured hole. Thus this kit includes all the items necessary to repair a sudden puncture.
Sturdy iron construction
The reamer and the needle tool boast a sturdy construction that can withstand high pressure while piercing through the thick rubber tires. The sturdy material prevents easy denting, breaking or bending of the tools.
Easy and quick to repair punctures for all tubeless tires on most vehicles, no need to remove tires from the rim. nbsp Hardened steel spiral rasp and insert needle with sandblasted finish for durability. nbsp T handle design with anti slip rubberized surface to provide greater turning power and comfort. nbsp Sturdy Screwdriver Handle
Easily Repair Punctures Without Removing The Tire From The Rim
Makes Tire Repair Easy.
Useful Tool For Tubeless Tires
Package Includes
1 x Reamer nbsp 1 x Probe nbsp 1 x Rubber Glue nbsp 3 x Puncture Repair Strips

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