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Size: 5 cm x 5 meter

Product Description

Let me introduce you to Elephant Tape, the best waterproof Solution.
Are you tired of dealing with irritating kitchen sink drips, water tank leakage, or roof leaks Look anywhere else! Your go-to, multipurpose waterproof tape, Elephant Tape, will put an end to those irritating water-related problems.
Roof Leakage Waterproof Tape:
Say goodbye to roof leaks and hello to a dry, hassle-free home. Water stays outside due to the amazing waterproof technology of Elephant Tape!
Tape for Water Leakage for Every Need:
Elephant Tape will deal with any water problem, no matter how big or small. Our adhesive tape is the best water leakage fix since it can be used in a variety of tasks.
The Ideal Repair Solution for Roof Water Leaks
Roof leaks shouldn't ruin your life.
Permanent Water Seal: The Elephant Shield Liquid Rubber Waterproofing solution offers a reliable and durable seal. Waterproof Tape offers reliable, durable protection against water damage. Waterprooft Tape is not your typical adhesive tape because it is heavy-duty and highly waterproof. We've got you covered in terms of durability. Waterproof Tape for Multiple Use:
Our waterproof tape is a multipurpose treasure that easily handles every waterproofing difficulty, from waterproofing roofs to sealing water tank leaks.
Kitchen Sink Waterproof Tape:
No more concerns about leaks in the kitchen sink. Elephant Tape makes sure your kitchen is always dry and clean. Tape for Pipe Leaks That Is Waterproof:
Use Elephant Tape to easily fix pipe leaks. The quickest and most trustworthy way to keep your pipes dry and clean
-Clean the surface dust to ensure it is clean and dry.
-Choose the right size to tear off the base film of the tape.
- Stick the tape to the gap. -Tamp down press the tape to make it fully posted.
-Country of Origin:-China

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Product Information




Aluminum Foil


5 cm x 5 meter

Special Feature

Features: Waterproof, UV/Heat/Cold Resistant, Adhesive, Leak Proof

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Product Type

Waterproof SiuperTape

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